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Devlin Inspections has 25 years experience inspecting, documenting and photographing property, real estate and/or businesses for any purpose. With extensive knowledge of all areas of San Diego county, Devlin Inspections will complete a visual inspection and observations report of your requested property. Inspections will be completed and sent by email in a .PDF file to the client within 3 business days. Fee for a simple visual inspection, observations and date/time stamped photographs (2) is $100.00. Call or email for information on any additional requested inspection services. We have provided  a sample visual inspection page, and an order form page with payment process through Pay Pal. All the information on the property you are requesting to be inspected, and any special instructions can be entered on the order page. Please see our Samples Page and Order Page

If you do not require a full California Certified Appraisal, Dana Horne at Dana Horne Realty is highly recommended for all other real estate valuations. He is an expert at knowing what your property will sell for in today's market. His company is highly experienced with all situations that might arise with real estate in today's market. Please call or email him for a free market evaluation on your residential property. Call him or visit his website: (858-566-3262)

California Certified Residential Appraiser:  Richard Kachadorian Serving San Diego county with over 30 years of real estate appraisal experience, Richard is FHA approved and working with most of the major lenders. Appreciation for the value of an accurate appraisal, produced in an efficient turn-around time, makes him the right choice for all your San Diego residential property evaluation needs. Fast e-mail delivery of appraisals in Adobe Acrobat .pdf files. Printed and mailed out appraisal reports require an additional $35.00 handling and service fee. 


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San Diego Certified Appraisal Services and Fees

Complete Summary Appraisals (e-mailed delivery)

Single Family Residences or Condominiums $350.00
FHA Appraisals (Single Family or Condominiums)  $350.00
Re-certification of value, or updates with photos  $250.00
Single Family Residences (Complex Properties)  $ Quote
Form 1007  (Comparable rent schedule) $100.00
Form 216    (Operating income statement)   $75.00
Form 442    (Completion of construction)    $75.00

Limited Summary Appraisals (e-mailed delivery)

Form 2055 or 1075 exterior only inspection


Form 2070 or 2075 exterior only inspection  $300.00
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Appraiser: Richard Kachadorian   Phone: 760-729-5139 

Website: John Devlin   Phone: 619-255-9110